« ICSS » is a strategic partnership, which aim is to develop a joint master’s degree programme in music composition for audiovisual media entitled « InMICS » (International Master in Composition for the Screen). It is funded with support from the Erasmus+ programme for a 3-year period (from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2017). This partnership gathers 4 higher education institutions known for their expertise in music composition for audiovisual media and 4 specialized professional organizations in the film industry that show a great interest in the creation of music.


The ICSS strategic partnership responds to various growing needs in the field of music composition for audiovisual media, which faces a great expansion nowadays.

The final outcome of the project consists in the implementation of a joint master’s degree programme, giving students the chance to improve their skills and share they talents within an international environment. Students will benefit from the excellent know-how, experiences and expertise of the 8 partners involved in the project, balancing the contribution of both educational and professional structures. The participation of North-American organizations in the project represents a great added value since it broadens the perspectives on numerous issues. Therefore our project shows a unique character, based on diversity and innovative practices. One of our goals is also to give students the opportunity to meet and work in collaboration with professionals to boost their employability and be part of an international network. This appears as a great need for students today.

Parallel to the development of this new academic programme, the partners published a study based on feedback from both the academic and professional domains entitled: Music Composition for the Screen: Picture of a Profession and Challenges for Higher Education. This publication focuses on the links between musicians and audiovisual artists and between higher education institutions and professional structures regarding music composition for audiovisual media. It shows the dynamism of this field and underlines its specific characteristics in order to identify the issues at stake for higher education. Besides, it should lead to a modernized and lasting reinforcement of cooperations between educational institutions and professional organisations.


The new joint master’s degree programme is dedicated to international students wishing to work as composers for audiovisual media.


Feb – Sept 2014 (preparatory period)
  • data collection
  • encounter with partners including one meeting in Ghent with representatives of five institutions involved in the project
  • completion of the application for the Erasmus+ grant


  • work on the study focused the links between music and audiovisual sectors
  • meetings with professionals and 1st dissemination event at Film Fest in Gent (Oct. 23, 2015)
  • creation of the website and other communication tools




  • 2nd student workshop in Lyon (1 – 7 Dec. 2016) dedicated to the full process of creation and production of music for audiovisual works
  • student mobility
  • 3rd dissemination event at the International Film Festival in Aubagne (March 2017)
  • development of the website inmics.org
  • search for funding opportunities for the European InMiCS joint master’s degree programme


New term 2017
  • implementation of the European joint master’s degree programme
  • launch of the first student recruitment


New term 2018: first InMICS student group