How to apply

The next application round opens in November 2019!


Phase 1: submitting application documents online

Required documents
Applicants complete and submit the application form online (in English or with a qualified certified English translation). With it, they must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of payment of the €87 application fee (official fee for the Lyon CNSMDL)
  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • ID photograph
  • Certified copy of the first cycle (bachelor) diploma or degree in music, with transcripts in the original language. If you have not yet received your diploma, a document is needed stating when you are expected to obtain it, signed and stamped by the school awarding the diploma
  • If your diploma and transcripts are not already in English, French, Italian or Dutch, a correct English translation of your diploma and transcripts
  • Complete curriculum vitae, listing the applicant’s experience and education in the field of music for screen.
  • Portfolio:
    • Document presenting the student’s proposed artistic research project, with title + description (max 2000 words)
    • At least one piece of music with image (score and video)Instrumental or electronic pieces (score, simulation, recording) will be accepted
    • In total, between three (3) to five (5) pieces should be submitted, corresponding to a total of approx. 20 minutes of music (please select the most representative excerpts if the pieces are longer). For as far as is possible, please provide links to visual or audiovisual files. If sending in your documents, please submit them in MP3, AAC, FLAC, MP4 or PDF format
    • Declaration of honour concerning the authenticity and artistic authorship of all scores and/or recordings
    • Cover letter (max 1000 words) presenting:
      • the experience, education, and motivation for attending InMICS
      • the applicant’s motivation regarding the two specific institutions he or she hopes to attend

For all documents, including the portfolio, your legal name must be used, not a pseudonym or artistic name. This certifies that you are the authentic author of the works submitted.

The recruitment committee will announce the names of applicants who are to be invited for interviews. Together with the invitation to the interview, these applicants will be given a compulsory assignment to be completed by a given deadline (before the interview). It will entail composing music for a short animated film of five to seven minutes.

Phase 2: Interview with the recruitment committee

The selected applicants will be invited to 40-minute interview, following a specific time schedule. The times will be communicated to selected applicants together with the announcement of the results of phase 1 applications. Phase 2 interviews will take place at CNSMD de Lyon (Lyon, France). Should an applicant be unable to come to the interview, a Skype interview with the recruitment committee can be scheduled.

Based on the results of the interviews, students admitted to the programme will receive a letter of acceptance, also stating the two hosting institutes the student is to attend. They will be asked to proceed with their registration according to the procedures of both hosting institutions prior to beginning the two-year programme.