How to apply

The master recruits every two years. The online application platform for the academic term 2022-2024 will close on 17 January 2022. 


Phase 1 | Online application


Applicants complete and submit their application online. With it, they must pay €88,00 application fee. The following components have to be provided:

Administrative registration

to be completed on the application platform:

  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • ID picture
  • Certified copy of the first cycle (bachelor) diploma or degree in music, with transcripts in the original language. If you have not yet received your diploma, a document is needed stating when you are expected to obtain it, signed and stamped by the school awarding the diploma.
  • If your diploma and transcripts are not in English, French, Italian or Dutch, a correct or qualified certified English translation of your diploma and transcripts has to be provided.

Artistic portfolio

The artistic portfolio will be submitted by the applicant after the completion of the administrative registration (see above). Instructions for delivering the artistic portfolio will be sent on 19 January 2022.

The artistic portfolio has to include the following elements:

  • A document presenting the research paper proposal that will be developed during the 2-year program. The applicant should be able to present a provisional “research question”, a provisional title and a brief description of the project (max. 2000 words). This proposal might also include some bibliography/filmography/music references. The research topic has to be related to the field of composition for screen.
  • A minimum of three and maximum of five pieces of music with a total maximum duration (all works combined) of 20 minutes. These files may be uploaded as audio files (mp3 or wav), or as movie files (music synchronised with the movie).
    • At least one piece of music that serves as a score for screen. Upload a movie file with the musical score synchronized to the audiovisual material. If available, please provide the score with it. The music piece can be a recording (instrumental or vocal), a recorded simulation (eg using vst-instruments), or an electronic music piece.
  • Declaration of honour concerning the authenticity and artistic authorship of all scores and/or recordings
  • Cover letter (max 1000 words) presenting applicants’ motivation for attending the InMICS program. In addition, the applicant should make known their preference in regard to choice of institutions as each student will be enrolled in two of the four partner institutions.
  • Complete CV, listing the applicant’s experience and education in the field of music and/or music for screen.

For all documents, including the artistic portfolio, the legal name must be used, not a pseudonym or artistic name.



The recruitment committee will announce on 2 February 2022 the names of applicants who are invited to the interview with the jury in Lyon on 25-26 February 2022. These applicants will be given a compulsory assignment to be completed by a given deadline (before the interview). It will entail composing music for a short film (5′-10′).


Phase 2 | Interview with the recruitment committee

The selected applicants will be invited to a 40-minute interview, following a specific time schedule. The times will be communicated to selected applicants with the announcement of the results of phase 1. Phase 2 interviews will take place at CNSMD de Lyon (Lyon, France). Should an applicant be unable to come to the interview, an online interview with the recruitment committee will be scheduled.

[12.01.2022] Due to the current covid situation in Europe, all the interviews will be held online.


Based on the results of the interviews, students admitted to the programme will receive a letter of acceptance, also stating the two hosting institutes the student can attend. They will be asked to proceed with their registration according to the procedures of both hosting institutions prior to beginning the two-year programme.



Photo © KBF / Robert Słuszniak / Spheresis Foto