The International Master in Composition for Screen (InMICS) is a brand new, joint master’s degree programme dedicated to international students wishing to work as composers for audiovisual media. InMICS was created by a partnership of European and Canadian higher art education institutes and professional organizations in the field of audiovisual creation. This two-year programme will give advanced students the chance to hone their skills, share their talents and develop their own personality and projects within an international, professional environment. InMICS will educate composers who are highly skilled, as well as individual, creative, critically aware, innovative and professional in their approach. By training students with these attributes, InMICS wishes to give them the best possible preparation for shaping tomorrow’s cultural industries.

InMICS has been developed to teach students how to manage the entire process of music creation for audiovisual media, from composing and recording the music to finding the right words to talk about visual art, as well as mixing the music and promoting their own work.

What makes this programme unique is its international dimension, entailing a great diversity of aesthetics, cultures and teaching methods, the sharing of optimal practices and the exploration of innovative practices and tools.

The study is for two years, at two of the four partner institutes. Each of the participating schools offers a specific teaching environment, and students will study and work at two of the four schools. This give them the ideal opportunity to fulfil their personal objectives and advance their professional perspectives. Each of the four institutions offers a different teaching approach to composition for visual media, with a specific focus on the medium and professional perspectives:

  • Conservatorio GB Martini Bologna: Electroacoustic Composition for Screen
  • Conservatorium/School of Arts Ghent: Composition for Animation, Documentary and Video
  • CNSMD De Lyon: Scoring for Screen
  • Université De Montréal’s Faculty of Music: Composition for Video Games

Each student will not only benefit from the academic contexts of two different schools, but will also participate in collective distance learning courses available to all students, simultaneously accessible in all four countries. All students will come together to attend workshops where they will collaborate with audiovisual arts students. These workshops are organized within the framework of the participating festival partners, so students will be meeting the active professionals and presenting their work to wide audiences.

Our associated partners from the professional working field will also contribute to the master’s programme, providing experts to teach, coach or evaluate students. They will help students develop their research or personal artistic projects. Thanks to internships and other opportunities to meet actively producing professionals, students will build their own network and set up their careers according to their specific aspirations and needs.

The biannual recruitment of InMICS students begins in January 2018. The first group of 12 students will begin their degree work in September 2018. At the end of the two years, students will receive a double master’s degree.