Dries Versmissen


Composition for Animation, Documentary and Video 
(KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Ghent - Belgium)
Electroacoustic Composition for Screen 
(Conservatorio GB Martini Bologna - Italy)


Dries Versmissen is a music composer, performing musician and producer from Antwerp, Belgium. His obsession with music started very early when he decided to learn to play the piano.  

Things got out of hand when he picked up the saxophone, started to conduct the local youth orchestra and began to make electronic music.  

He proceeded on this musical path and at last claimed his master’s degree in Music Education.  

During his studies at LUCA School of Arts (Leuven), he developed a keen interest in composing music for media and scored several short films and documentaries made by film students.  

Out of his broad background in music he decided to pursue his persisting dream to become a film composer by enrolling in the INMICS program.   


Photo © KBF / Robert Słuszniak / Spheresis Foto