Görkem Ağar


 Composition for Animation, Documentary and Video
 (KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Ghent - Belgium)

 Scoring for Screen
 (CNSMD Lyon - France)


Görkem Ağar is a composer and pianist. He studied Piano Performance at Istanbul University State Conservatory and Music Composition (ITU MIAM). He played concerts and his music was programmed in various international venues in Istanbul, İzmir, Denizli (Turkey), and Recife (Brazil), amongst others.

His works range from experimental electronic music to symphonic film scores. His piano compositions were released in his first album called “Evde” in 2019. In 2020, his first electroacoustic music track “Roma” and a solo piano EP called “Time” were released.


Photo © KBF / Robert Słuszniak / Spheresis Foto