Josselin Viricel

Since his childhood, Josselin Viricel has developed a passion for great storytelling in movies, video-games and music. To him, all every art form seems to be telling some kind of story, more or less subtly. Sometimes it is hidden and sometimes it is right in front of you.

He studied various music styles and approaches, like Jazz alongside “Classical” and Modern Music in Toulouse during his Bachelor’s. There he had the opportunity to practice his instruments (mainly piano, guitar, singing and throat-singing) with many people, make great and various projects like improvisation bands, cover bands and choirs.

These are the reasons why he naturally came to music for films, animation and video-games. He got to composition by himself and entered the regional conservatory in Lyon. He then made his way to the Master in composition for screen called “MAAAV” at the University of Lyon where he learned a lot and had the opportunity to work with many film directors and game developers.
He is now attending the InMICS programme at the CNSMD de Lyon and he will study at the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Music (Canada) for the second year of his master’s.