Tristan Alantar

Tristan Alantar is a music composer, multi instrumentalist, luthier and sound technician who has been working in the audiovisual field since 2011. Mentored by Brian D’Oliveira, composer and founder of La Hacienda Creative, and Jera Cravo, technical director and mixing engineer, Tristan had his music featured in video games, films and series diffused worldwide.

Having a wide-ranging knowledge of the musical ecosystem, Tristan cleverly mixes acoustic sounds, electronic textures and orchestral elements to provide unique blends of timbres for soundtracks.

About InMICS: InMICS has given me the opportunity to make a living out of music composition. These two years allowed me to experiment, learn and discover things I wouldn’t have been able to access on my own. The contacts that I made through the programme are so valuable that I cannot state how good this education program has been for my career!